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I am Susan Craddock and I founded Wow Cake Company Ltd.


I am passionate about my food, creating recipes and baking.  Family is everything and I am mum to Matthew, Conor and Katie and grandma to Kealy, Emily and Poppy.


Like most coeliacs I was diagnosed later in life  (the majority are diagnosed between the ages of 40 – 60) and to be honest it’s rough.  Finding out that most of your everyday “go to foods “ have now to be removed from your diet is a big issue and hugely difficult!  


The hardest part for me was the gluten free choice of biscuits, cake and pastry available on the market.  I thought they were shocking!  Dry, crumbling and pretty tasteless.


My mum was diagnosed in her late 30s so I knew what was involved but there was a huge difference in our approach. Like others who had been diagnosed early, she hadn’t tasted cakes and pastries for so many years she had forgotten what they really tasted like.  So the free from products that I disliked so much, she accepted as the true taste of cakes. 


Then one day she urged me to make my own.  So I did!! 


Wow Cakes was born.




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The WOW Family

The WOW Family

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